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Parents Share The Awkward, Hilarious Things Their Kids Have Done With Technology

Never too young for a naked selfie, apparently.

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1. Fourteen-month-old daughter: (gibberish)
iPad translation: “F***”
Siri: Well, I never.

Submitted by amandamerrilr

2. When my son was two, he used my phone to order a $200 massage voucher from Groupon.

Submitted by cheyennem4acbb31b

3. My almost-two-year-old asks Siri for pictures of different-coloured cats. When Siri can’t understand her, she gets mad and argues with Siri.

Submitted by kaylas4f9f2eb1c

4. My two-year-old took nude photos of himself while I was changing his diaper. He was very proud of them.

Submitted by jessicah4be380603

5. My kid has been taking the phones and camera and using them for naked selfies since 18 months. We are constantly having to check them and delete inappropriate pictures.

Submitted by Kate Bottoms

6. Saw a three-year-old try to “swipe” a stack of paper photograph, then drop them all over floor looking puzzled.

Submitted by emilyg4b17ac162

7. I printed out photos a couple of years ago and my daughter, then about two or three, started to swipe them to get to the next one. She was amazed that we actually had to move each photo to see the next one and not swipe right or left. I felt ancient.

Submitted by emilyt45e7c4409

8. My six-year-old son asked Siri what the weather was and somehow Siri heard “what is cleavage?” It proceeded to provide the Wikipedia entry for cleavage, complete with a picture. He came and asked me why there were boobs on the iPad.

Submitted via alisonc4797e5af8

9. When my son was six, he received a Harry Potter Lego set as a gift. The set came with an envelope from Hogwarts and he became very excited, yelling “Look Mom!! An email!”

Submitted by heathers4aa63ec5d

10. My son was eight years old when he came running at his dad and me while sobbing huge tears. We thought he had amputated a limb or been hit by a car. Nope. He had accidentally burned down a plane he built on Minecraft with lava.

Submitted by amandamerrillr

11. My three-year-old tried to use the voice recognition remote to turn on Sesame Street. When it didn’t work, she complained that it “isn’t listening to me”.

Submitted by stevenholben

12. We drove to Florida for vacation and my two-year-old nephew slept through the arrival. We were all settling in to go to sleep when he shot up. “iPack? I want iPack.” When we told him it was bed time and the iPad was in the car. He climbed down from the bed running to the door. “I’m coming, iPack, I’m coming.”

Submitted by vidao

13. My three-year-old has an iPad that her school gave her. The only thing it’s supposed to do is picture communication. It’s not supposed to connect to the internet. But the three-year-old figured out how to unlock that feature. She also unlocked some screens in her program that were supposed to require a password and changed the language on it (and we’re not Apple users, so it took a bit of exploring to change it back). She’s also figured out the pattern I use to unlock my phone, and she filled the SD card with “selfies” that are only pictures of her hair and the ceiling.

Submitted by keelhaulrose2

14. My four-year-old son was playing with my iPhone and thought it’d be fun to ask Siri a question. He asked her “where’s my horse” (he had been looking for his toy horse) and Siri replied with “I couldn’t find any escort services”. She apparently thought he said “whores”. :|

Submitted by juliel4ce272811

15. My former (almost) stepson asked if his father and I could order him a baby brother from the internet.

Submitted by rachaela413faa0ea

16. Ten minutes into War Games with my 12-year-old stepdaughter and I’ve already had to explain floppy disks, modems, calling Information and pencil sharpeners.

Submitted by Molly Erdman

17. My sister is a teacher. Her class of seven- and eight-year-olds were given the task of finding out about the history of the Black Country and used their iPads to do so.

Five minutes later a cry of “MISS WHAT IS SHE DOING?!” went up.

The child had missed out an O and an R in the spelling of Black COUNTRY and clicked on the first video that came up.

Submitted by Ben Mumford

18. My four-year-old son watches videos on YouTube on our desktop. One day I wanted my turn on the computer, so I paused his video and told him YouTube was broken. A few days later he climbed onto my lap, took the mouse, opened a new browser window and then closed the one I had been using. Then he said, “Mommy, your computer is broken. Now it’s my turn.”

Submitted by Daphne Young

19.My then six-month-old changed my TV to Spanish. It took me forever to change it back.

Submitted by Jennifer Carl

20. At 13 months, I caught my son with my phone. He had called the daycare he hadn’t been to in seven months.

Submitted by Amy

21. My four-year-old taught me that my laptop was indeed, a touch screen.

Submitted by Kristy McIntyre