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    Help Find The Woman Behind This Hen Do Shirt That Ended Up In Nigeria

    C'mon internet, we need to #FindGina.

    Olly Holland, a human rights lawyer working with a law firm in Nigeria, noticed this woman wearing a T-shirt saying “Gina’s hen do, Blackpool 2010”.

    Proof that all charitable donations go a long way. Please retweet to help and thank gina. @Oxfam @oxfamgb #findgina

    "I happened to be in a car and saw that and thought it was pretty damn cool," he told BuzzFeed News. "I asked if I could take a photo because I wanted to show that these donations really can help people, even when it's something you'd normally throw away and would never wear again."

    He wants to find Gina and thank her (or the member of her hen party who donated the T-shirt).

    Does anyone know a Gina who had a hen do in Blackpool five years ago and wore those T-shirts?