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    11 Charts That Show Britain Faces A Caring Crisis

    As Britain's population ages, more and more of us will end up looking after a loved one.

    1. It's Carers Week. About 6.5 million Britons are unpaid carers. And that number is going to go up and up.

    2. Here's why. The population of the UK is going up.

    3. In one sense, that's not an urgent problem. There's still plenty of room for everyone to live.

    4. The reason we do need to worry about it is that as the population grows, it's getting older.

    5. What that means is that there will be more and more older people as a proportion of the population.

    6. And that means lots more people are going to have to become carers, because older people are disproportionately likely to require care.

    7. The Carers Trust estimates that an extra 3.4 million carers will be needed by 2040.

    8. And that comes at a cost. Carers are more likely to suffer from ill health…

    9. …and less likely to be in work.

    10. The burden of caring falls disproportionately on women…

    11. …and young people suffer a lot too.

    This isn't a problem that's going to go away.