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May 3, 2016

Can You Pass This English SAT Test For 6-Year-Olds?

Parents are taking their kids out of schools because they say the test is too stressful. Can you pass it?

Parents are furious about the SATs 6- and 10-year-olds have to take in England and Wales.

Lots of them have taken their kids out of school in protest, saying it's too stressful and that children should be allowed to be children.

But how difficult is it? Here are 10 questions from the 2015 Key Stage 1 English SAT.

  1. 1. Where should a comma go in this sentence?

  2. 2. What type of word is "brave" in the sentence below?

  3. 3. Read the sentences below. Which word best describes these sentences?

  4. 4. What type of word is underlined in the sentence below?

  5. 5. Which sentence is a STATEMENT?

  6. 6. Which are the three NOUNS in the sentence below?

  7. 7. Which are the VERBS in the sentence below?

  8. 8. Which sentence is correct?

  9. 9. What punctuation mark should go between "home" and "Josh"?

  10. 10. Which word should replace the dotted line to complete the sentence?



Parents took their children out of school because they felt the SAT exam environment was too stressful. An earlier version of this piece said they did so because the exams were too hard.

Tom Chivers is a science writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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