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These Cute Dogs Will Make You Forget That Life Is Pointless

Cute dogs! Look at the cute dogs! Try not to think about the futility of human existence!

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1. Pug!


Aw! The little guy's playing with the blanket! Doesn't that just make you forget that eventually your body will break down and your consciousness will fade and the eternal blackness will take you and there will be nothing, forever, and you won't even be around to know it? Pugs are so ADORABLE!

2. Happy dog!

Fursov Aleksey/Steven Puetzer / Getty

See this guy? Isn't he happy? Stare at his happy face! Don't you find he completely makes you forget the fact that, at some point in the next few years – and years are so short, so short – you'll die, forever, and be forgotten by everyone? Of course you do! I bet his name's Mister Chuckles or something.

3. Look at this guilty little guy!


What's this naughty boy done? Has he wet the carpet? Chewed the rug? Or maybe he's just failed to make you forget about the futility of all human endeavour in the uncaring face of eternity? No! It couldn't be that! He's far too cute!

4. Bathtime!


Well, he doesn't like soaking in the tub, does he? Any more than you like soaking in the certainty that everyone you know will soon be dead, and you with them! So stare at the dog and try not to think about it!

5. Saussie McSausageson!


There's nothing cuter than a miniature dachshund. It's certainly cuter than the knowledge that you're a rubbery sack of meat and fluids and bones! A sack which is as impermanent as any soap bubble! So look at the dachshund, which obviously is also a sack of meat and bones, but a much cuter one. Look at the dog. Cute dog.

6. Who's this perky little chappie?


He wants a cuddle! Look at his funny big ears! Don't look at the yawning black void approaching. Look at the ears. Don't look at the calendar, each day marked off bringing you closer to oblivion. Don't listen to the clock ticking. Look at the ears. Think about the dog. Concentrate. You might forget about it, for a few minutes.

7. Jumping in puddles!


When you think about it, all of your achievements are meaningless. They'll be worn away in the relentless, erosive flow of entropy, like monuments in the desert, and no one will remember you or anything you have done. And eventually the same will be true of humanity; there will be crumbling cities on a planet, or several planets, and then those planets will be eaten by the suns they orbit, and those suns will collapse to points of infinite nothing or blow themselves up in final angry glory, or just fade away to cinders, and will the universe care then that you were once alive? Does it care now? No. But here's a dog in some boots! Pink welly boots! Awwww!