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Priceline Dude Sumo Wrestles On YouTube

THIS is why we have YouTube...because TV just doesn't find money in the couch cushions like a deep YouTube bender can yield.

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Call It A Show / Via

This was the first episode of a hidden gem of a YouTube late night talk show called, appropriately, Call It A Show, that I feel like I've somehow always been waiting for but have never seen before now.

Why haven't we seen a YouTube Conan O'Brien before this? I feel very enlightened to learn that Tyler Tuione, who plays the Big Deal dude in the Priceline commercials, is indeed really funny, AND he used to sumo wrestle. Bad ass. I don't get these things on TV. YouTube win.

Priceline - Big Deal

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Choose Your Own YouTube Adventure

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The Interactive Adventures of Chad, Matt & Rob / Via

Turns out in a former life, the Call It A Show host, Rob Polonsky was also a modern day Indiana Jones. I'm a little blown away by the quality of this 2 for 1 hidden YouTube gem day. More, please.

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