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6 Cutest Kittens On YouTube

Bovie, Halfstache, Pizza, Tabitha, Wilbur, and Spaceship. Cool names, cuter kittens.

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1. Bovie

The Pet Collective / Via

(Tuxedo ticked, white mask, long hair) - The biggest personality, she will run to you when you get home from work, and sit right on your foot. Loves cuddling, playing, exploring and adventuring. She is a very special kitten.

"They grow so fast!" The producers at The Pet Collective know this all too well. Notice all of the biggest cat stars on YouTube ARE NOT kittens for more than just a viral clip or two. That's because in real life, they're only kittens for a short window of time, and then...well, they're just cats. Which is great. But face it...we want more kittens!

The Pet Collective set out to solve this internet problem and give us MORE KITTENS!

Solution? Get LOTS of footage of the as long as they are still tiny, adorable, playful, loveable, cuter-than-human, and full of obscene amounts of kitten-ness.

2. Halfstache

The Pet Collective / Via

(Tuxedo, ticked, long hair, white half-mustache) A little adventurer, she doesn't fear much of anything. Loves to run and explore, and is gonna be a big kitty. Very funny kitten.

3. Pizza

The Pet Collective / Via

(Black, ticked, long hair) - Started off as the runt, this little cuddler will melt your heart. So affectionate, he loves to purr and getz petted. Yes, getz petted. You can pet your cat, but kitties getz petted, duh. So fuzzy!

These Adorable Kittens on the YouTubes

View this video on YouTube

The Pet Collective / Via

Get a sneak peek at them here, and subscribe to be the first to see these kittens invade the YouTubes coming very soon.

Gorgeous Kitten Photography Shot By: Barry Mulling

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