tolber toliviaks

tolber toliviaks
Hi! Im Tolber and i workink in web industry seo and promoute optimisession by Vivid and radar .. more site
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  • Ozzy Osbourne News 2010: Ozzy Osbourne Makes Fans Scream’s: Lyrics, Biography, Family

    Ozzy Osbourne left the fans screaming - after playing a prank at Madam Tussaud’s Waxworks in New York’s Times Square, according to reports. The British rocker pretended to be her own wax figure posing and sat on a bench to unsuspecting fans walked past. But when some tourists sat next to him to have their photo taken with his waxwork, the former Black Sabbath lead singer shouting “Boo!” on them. Most of the fans jumped up and ran across the room, while others started giggling. Mrs. Sharon also give the player into the action and stood as a waxwork, sat next to her husband and then laughed and pointed at one seemed afraid of their antics. The antics were all part of a campaign to Osbourne’s new album, Scream, which is released worldwide on June 22.

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