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    15 Truly Groundbreaking Floral Items For Your Home

    Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

    1. This bloomin' beautiful work of art.

    2. This cushion will add some colour to your home.

    3. This ridiculously cute rabbit shaped tea pot.

    4. A floral home for your cakes.

    5. This decorative stool.

    6. These tea, coffee and sugar tins will be a stylish addition to your kitchen.

    7. A cozy floral throw to keep you warm.

    Get it here.

    8. Update your table with these stunning coasters.

    9. A pretty kettle for your kitchen.

    10. This bold storage jar for your bits and bobs.

    11. This cute yet functional draught excluder.

    12. This pretty little light.

    13. Possibly the prettiest bathroom accessories ever.

    14. A floral watering can seems fitting.

    15. Who said florals had to be girly?