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17 Photos That Won’t Make Sense If You’ve Never Worn A Wig

Your lace frontal isn't fooling anyone.

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1. When you just need to grab your wig real quick.

Instagram: @westafrikanman

2. When you have finally worked out what you would do if your wig fell off in public.

Instagram: @westafrikanman

4. When you have to tell bae not to FaceTime you after 10pm.

Instagram: @native_elianor

5. When your lace frontal isn't fooling bae.

Instagram: @jahfromstatefarm

6. When you get home and you can finally take your wig off and let your head breathe.

Instagram: @mizzezsmiley

7. When you have to stop going to the gym because it's not a safe place for your wig.

Instagram: @westafrikanman

8. When "throw up while I hold your hair back" doesn't apply to you.

Instagram: @quekiyut

9. When play fighting takes a bad turn.

Instagram: @lov3mycoco_truu

10. When your wig falls off and your friend holds you down!

Via Twitter

11. When you have to sew your wig down because shit might get real.

Instagram: @yomauro_

12. When your wig falls off in public and all you can do is pack your shit and run.

When your wig falls off in public 🙄😂

Via Twitter

14. When you can't go to a trampoline park, no matter how fun it looks.

Instagram: @westafrikanman

15. When you serve a living God, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

@_AuntyE / Via Twitter

16. When you're waiting for bae to leave so you can be free.

‏@SandeeOberrie / Via Twitter

17. When you get a new wig and you are FEELING yourself.

‏@NotRapd2Tite / Via Twitter