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    17 Orgasmic Experiences Only Women Understand

    Roll your eyes back in pure glee.

    1. Finally peeing, after holding it in for a long time.

    Duk / Via New Line Cinema

    The mix of relief, freedom and warmth is actual euphoria.

    2. Rubbing your freshly shaved legs against your bed sheets.

    Marie Antoinette / Via Columbia Pictures Corporation

    Stubble-free legs against clean sheets is one hell of a silky-smooth ride.

    3. Taking down a tight ponytail and really getting to massage your scalp.

    Man Repeller / Via

    That glorious moment when shivers run down your spine as you bend your neck back gently and shake your hair out.

    4. Or the feeling of taking out your weave and really scratching your scalp, after weeks of just patting it.

    Flavour of Love / Via 51 Minds Entertainment

    When you can really relieve the itch and roll your eyes back in pure glee.

    5. Taking off your bra after a long day, and letting your boobs run free.

    ABC / Via ABC

    It's orgasmic!

    6. That sensation of rubbing and twisting a cotton q-tip inside your ears.

    Rocky Horror Picture Show / Via Fox

    Getting in deep and giving yourself an inner ear massage.

    7. The feeling of sinking into your bed after a long day.


    You wrap the duvet around you, close your eyes softly, knowing it's going to be a good night.

    8. Wrapping a warm towel around your naked body.

    Ted / Via Universal Pictures

    Yes the moment doesn’t last long, but this short feeling of warmth is so glorious.

    9. Taking off uncomfortable shoes and spreading out your toes.

    Setting your beautiful feet free.

    10. Taking off your makeup and being able to really rub your eyes.


    BLISS! Fucking bliss.

    11. Running your fingers through your pubes.

    Becky Barnicoat / BuzzFeed

    Just nice, gentle strokes.

    12. That first hit of water in a nice warm shower.



    13. Your head hitting the cold side of the pillow.

    One of life’s small and often overlooked pleasures.

    14. That first sip of cold water, when you're really thirsty.


    A feeling so great, you let out a little moan after it.

    15. Making the exact amount of pasta you need.

    A moment that is few and far between. But when it does happen, it feels good.

    16. Cupping your own boobs, for warmth, comfort and a little pleasure.

    Bruno Monteny / Getty Images Creative RF

    Slipping your hands under your shirt and holding on to your boobs firmly.

    17. The sleep after having a good cry.

    Lmfao After You Cry You Be Sleepy Af & You Get The Best Sleep Of Yo Life

    The post-cry sleep is the absolute BEST type of sleep.

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