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17 Reasons Why Natural Hair Is Not A Good Look

Natural hair looks unprofessional.

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1. "Natural hair is unmanageable.”

Instagram: @jd_winters

BULLSHIT! You can wear twists, braids, twist-outs, braid-outs, puffs, pinups...and the list goes on.

2. "Men don't find natural hair attractive."

Instagram: @avielleamor

Kindly see yourself out.

3. "It looks dry and nappy."

Girl BYE!

4. "Relaxed hair looks better."

Instagram: @yariszbeth

Yeah sure, if you say so.

5. "The big chop is not a good look."

Instagram: @ohhhcindy_

This proves otherwise.

6. "Natural hair doesn't grow."

Instagram: @sunnysidesatch

Do you see this?! That's at least 20 inches long.

7. "Natural hair isn't for everyone."

Instagram: @happycurlhappygirl

So you're saying the hair that grows on my head isn't for me?

8. "It looks unprofessional."

Instagram: @natashaleeds

How can a physical natural trait be unprofessional? Think before you speak next time.

9. "You can't do much to it."

Instagram: @arielvscupcake_

That would be incorrect.

10. "It just doesn't look very nice."

Instagram: @bwatuwant

Not today, Satan.

11. "Natural hair is just a phase anyway."

Instagram: @moreginamarie


12. "4C hair is NOT cute."

Instagram: @naturallytemi

Take your negativity elsewhere.

13. "It's just so thick."

Instagram: @byafrique_

So what if it is?

14. What will you do to it when you get married?

Instagram: @freddieharrel

Whatever the hell I want.

15. "You can't look sexy with natural hair."

Instagram: @tikicaldwell

I think you'll find that you can.

16. "It just looks messy."

Instagram: @frogirlginny

Get lost!

17. "I just prefer women to have straight hair."

Instagram: @hairissimba

I prefer people not to be dicks. But hey, we can't have it all.

Do whatever you want with your hair, and be flawless with it!