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18 Photos That Are Way Too Real For Makeup Artists

"I'll find someone cheaper."

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1. When you consider changing your career.

Instagram: @shower_me_fierce

2. When a client doesn't understand your instructions.

Instagram: @giacomos_salon

3. When a client says they will get "get back to you".

Instagram: @sweetmonique14

4. When people ask for a discount.

Instagram: @sereta_smith

This video shows you how to respond to such bullshit.

5. When all your clothes are black...because your makeup is POPPING!

Instagram: @valeriezmakeup

6. When your client stares you down, and it gets a little intense.

Instagram: @makeupbya

7. When you get real close and personal with your clients.

Instagram: @sereta_smith

8. When people have their priorities fucked up.

Instagram: @xoxo

9. When people don't respect your hustle.

Instagram: @katehoward7

10. When people want to look like Kim K, but don't want to wear too much makeup. *rolls eyes*

Instagram: @butterflymakeup

11. When you ask your clients how they want their makeup.

Instagram: @blissfuljen

12. When you are internally fixing someone's eyebrows.

Instagram: @ms_nish1908

13. When your contour skills are on point.

Instagram: @cakeface_honey

14. When someone says you charge too much.

Instagram: @beautybydolls

15. When someone asks for the natural look.

Instagram: @sha_londa83

16. When you have that one client, that can't keep still.

Instagram: @b

17. When you are sick and tired of people not turning up.

Instagram: @facesbybee

18. When you start to eat, sleep, and drink makeup.

Instagram: @rochelledelossantos