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    17 People Who Slayed The Eyeshadow Game

    The pigments, the blending!

    1. This colourful work of art.

    2. It's a thing of beauty.

    3. All the GOALS!

    4. This smoldering smokey eye.

    5. Yellow eyeshadow looks FLY AS HELL.

    6. Just gorgeous!

    7. Show stopping eyeshadow.

    8. Glitter eyes and red lips. Exquisite!

    9. This muted statement.

    10. Let’s all take a minute to really appreciate this look.

    11. Elle Woods is somewhere smiling.

    12. Drops everything!

    13. All hail the eyeshadow king.

    14. Orange eyes, and pink lips! Who knew.

    15. Say YES! to green eyeshadow.

    16. The eye shadow, the winged liner, everything is just perfect.

    17. A medley of warm pinks. YASSSS!

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