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12 Things People Living With Alopecia Want You To Know

It's not just hair.

The word "alopecia" simply means hair loss.

And there are different types of alopecia.

For this post we spoke to people with alopecia areata to find out what it's really like living with their condition.

First things first: What is alopecia areata?

1. It's not just a physical condition.

2. It can happen really quickly.

3. It's not a stress condition.

4. Alopecia areata is not inherited, but heredity plays a role.

5. Being a man with alopecia doesn't make it easier.

"Some people think, ‘It’s OK for a man to be bald.' I don’t entirely disagree with this, but I do feel that it wasn’t my choice to be bald and would rather have a full head of hair. I personally feel that it’s a lot easier for women to cover up with wigs, false lashes, and eyebrows etc. For a man to do this, it wouldn’t have quite the same effect." – Dave Utley

6. At the beginning alopecia affects every part of your day, but it gets better.

7. Having no hair doesn’t mean we have cancer.

8. You can be diagnosed at any age.

9. Shaving your hair is a way to gain control.

10. You can lose hair EVERYWHERE!

11. Making friends with other people who have alopecia really helps.

12. If you choose to cover your head, wigs are great.