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7 Accounts On Instagram That You Should Definitely Follow

Do it for the gram.

1. Find Momo

Instagram: @andrewknapp

Andrew's Instagram page is so adorable, it's stunning pictures of his border collie, Momo. Momo and Andre's beautiful photography will cheer you up every day.

2. Scribbles

Instagram: @scribblesbynicole

This page is both funny, and real. Nicole who is behind the page, posts her scribbles daily and you will definitely relate to one or five of them.

3. Simplicity.

Instagram: @witanddelight_

Why can't my Instagram look like this? This page will inspire you to up your game. Kate's pictures are so simple and stunning.

4. Fashion aesthetics.

Instagram: @virgomood

This Instagram page is just filled with images of beautiful clothing, glamorous supermodels, and high fashion. It will inspire you to live your best fabulous life.

5. Work of art.

Instagram: @crazy

Because makeup is art. This page reposts the work of people who create art with makeup. If you still struggle to perfect your eyeliner, you will appreciate the real talent behind these pictures.

6. Celebrity Look alike.

Instagram: @waverider_

Liam Martin has gained Instagram fame by posting really low-budget recreations of celebrity glamour shots. Some good, some really bad.

7. Parisian way of life.

Instagram: @leoleoparis

Just beautiful pictures of Paris. Photographer Leo captures the life on the streets of Paris. Most of his images are in black and white which adds an Parisian look to the pictures.

Have a look at last weeks recommendations if you are looking for more people to follow on Instagram. And let us know any accounts you think are worth following in the comments below.

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