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7 Accounts On Instagram That You Should Definitely Follow

Do it for the gram!

1. "Celebs"

Instagram: @mydaywithleo

This account is brilliantly funny. The man behind it, Joel Strong, cuts out pictures of famous people's heads and photographs them on other peoples' bodies. Joel uses strangers, friends, and even people he meets on Tinder for the photos. Along with the pictures he uploads wonderfully surreal stop-motion videos of his creations. You will find yourself scrolling through his whole Instagram feed, it's that good.

2. Glorious 70s

Instagram: @70sbabes

The 70s Babes account uploads image after image of the wonderful decade that gave us flares and funk. It's a killer selection of images from the golden era, you'll see pictures of festivals, lovers, protests, parties and celebrities.

3. Fashion DIY

Instagram: @missenocha

This gir'ls style is so on point, it's almost intimidating. Not only does she slay every outfit she wears, she also makes her own shoes. Her page is full of inspiration on how to make basic shoes in designer copies, on a budget.

4. It's a dad thing.

Instagram: @fashiondads_

This page is pictures of middle-aged men, in what can only be described as dad outfits. Co-creators Ashley Hesseltine and Travis May, make the pictures even funnier by writing long captions which read like copy from an upscale fancy fashion diary. This guys outfit was captioned with this: "I slipped on my snakeskin shoes and topped this ensemble off with a trendy fedora for a little extra flair. Am I going to a work meeting or jet-setting to Jamaica? Hard to tell, isn't it!" is just so great."

5. Baddest granny.

Instagram: @baddiewinkle

I mean who doesn't love a cute grandma, especially one that listens to Drake and hangs around with Fergie. Her Instagram bio is "stealing your man since 1928" so you know she is not here to play. She really is the baddest baddie on the gram.

6. Serious art.

Instagram: @seriousdesign

If you are not into images of raw meat, you should probably give this a miss. The page is filled with pictures of everyday objects covered in food, particularly raw meat. It looks a lot better than it sounds, I promise.

7. Scenic locations.

Instagram: @airbnb

As expected the Airbnb page is just images of the most interesting and beautiful places you can actually stay in.

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