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    16 Makeup Tutorials For Anyone With Acne

    Helpful tips and tricks.

    1. Joseph Harwood

    Jo’s hero product when it comes to covering red spots is green concealer, which works wonders for neutralising redness on the face. Have a look at Jo’s foundation routine to see how.

    2. Elaine Mokk

    Elaine videos focuses on cystic acne. Her super impressive tutorial shows viewers how to conceal extreme acne cases like hers.

    3. Omabelle TV

    Omabelle's advice is to use BB cream as an alternative to foundation. Her tutorial is super easy to follow and her channel is full of acne coverage tutorials.

    4. Mickey Worsley

    Mikey offers a subtle makeup look in this acne coverage tutorial. His prep and prime routine is definitely worth a watch.

    5. Carly Humbert

    This tutorial by Carly is made for anyone with skin that tends to look oily AF by the end of the day. Carly swears by green concealer and mattifying primer. Her trick is to let the primer sink in for two minutes before applying foundation.

    6. My Pale Skin

    My Pale Skin's YouTube channel is filled with acne coverage tutorials and skin care help. She uses mainly high street products and gets a flawless look every time! Check out her date-night tutorial.

    7. Cassandra Bankson

    Cassandra's acne foundation routine has proved very popular on YouTube. Her videos have more than 27 million views and she speaks about her insecurities with her acne. She applies her foundation using her fingers and pats it on for full coverage.

    8. SEA Mora

    Sea Mora also gets full coverage by using her fingers to apply foundation. She swears by the Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation, which gives enough coverage to bypass concealer. Check out her routine.

    9. Mami Chula8153

    Mami Chula achieves this flawless look using drugstore products. She gives great tips on moisturising — without clogging up your skin.

    10. Raji Osahn

    Raji's YouTube channel gives great advice on covering acne scarring and rosacea on olive-toned skin. She's a huge fan of concealer and the Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer is her go-to product. Check out how she covers her acne here.

    11. Karolina Kay

    Karolina's tutorial is great if you're looking for a fresh-faced quick makeup look. She uses Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm instead of a primer, and swears by it.

    12. PrettyPinks3000

    This YouTube channel is packed full of makeup looks and tips for dark skin tones with acne scares. She uses oil-free foundations and gets flawless coverage every time.

    Check out her natural strobing tutorial.

    13. Stephanie Lange

    Stephanie Lange's YouTube channel provides the perfect tutorial for anyone looking to cover up inflammation, bumpiness, and bright-red acne scars. Her videos are great and give detailed tips on covering acne, although most of the products she uses are a little on the expensive side. Have a look at her tutorial here.

    14. Vicky Logan

    If you are looking for a face and body tutorial for oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin, then this is the video for you. Vicky knows her stuff when it comes to makeup and is a huge fan of Dermablend Smooth Liquid Camo Foundation.

    15. Raven Elyse

    For a glowing no-makeup look, Raven's tutorial is your go-to. The secret to Raven's glow is mixing foundation and primer together to a better blended coverage.

    16. Tha Taylaa

    For pale, acne-prone skin, Tha Taylaa YouTube channel is the one to turn to. This stunning full-coverage tutorial shows how to cover up cystic acne perfectly. She uses Marc Jacobs Re(marc)able Foundation in shade 10.