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    17 Gorgeous YouTube Tutorials That Are Perfect For People With 4C Hair

    Wide-tooth comb at the ready.

    1. Side-braided crochet updo

    The Chic Natural / Via

    This hairstyle requires time and braiding talent, but it is so worth it. I mean, just look at how FIRE it is. Check out the tutorial here.

    2. Bantu knots with extensions

    TheBrilliantBeauty / Via

    This look is everything – adding braiding hair to bantu knots is really easy and it looks so good. See how Jodi does it in this tutorial.

    3. Twisted updo

    Jane Nashe / Via

    The things Jane can do with her TWA are almost magical– this woman's skills are crazy. Have a look at how she achieves this really cute updo.

    4. Perm rod curls

    AskpRoy / Via

    This girl's perm rod game is so on point. Check out how she gets these popping curls here.

    5. This simple twist-out

    Chizi Duru / Via

    Chizi is a natural hair queen, and in this tutorial she shows us how to get a perfect twist-out in under two hours.

    6. Twist-out with bantu knots

    trophdoph / Via

    This is just so cute – why would you not want to re-create it? Have a look at how it's done here.

    7. Crochet braids

    Jessica Pettway / Via

    This look is just stunning. It makes for such a good protective hairstyle. Here's Jessica's tutorial.

    8. The wash-and-go

    Traeh Nykia / Via

    This short and sweet video tells you all the steps you need for the perfect wash-and-go.

    9. Bun-hawk updo

    TheChicNatural / Via

    Just look at how bad ass this style looks, and it's actually not that difficult to achieve. Check out how it's done here.

    10. Halo braid

    Tasha Frost / Via

    Halo crowns are so beautiful and pretty easy to do. It is worth stretching your hair first, and be prepared to use plenty of gel. See how Tasha does hers.

    11. Top knot

    Cynthy Kay Obi / Via

    The perfect fake-it-till-you-make-it style. Cynthy shows you how to get a top knot with short 4C hair.

    12. Two pigtail buns

    Mona B. / Via

    This girl seriously knows her shit when it comes to short natural hair. She made this super-cute look using Marley hair. Follow the tutorial here.

    13. Clip-ins

    CornflakesNoSugar / Via

    It really looks like the hair is growing out of her head. Aella's clip-in tutorial is so quick and looks really easy to do.

    14. Sleek low bun

    Jennifer Olaleye / Via

    Because you can still get a stunning low bun with short natural hair. Check out how Jennifer does hers.

    15. High puff

    Brittany Kyss / Via

    The high puff is always a cute look – check out how Brittany does hers here.

    16. Faux fringe and bun

    Cynthy Kay Obi / Via

    This look is great for everyday or for fancy shindigs, plus it will last you a week at least. See how she got the look here.

    17. Half up half down

    Leah Gordone / Via

    This bun with a leave-out in the back is so freaking cute. Check out her tutorial!

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