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17 Gifts For People Who Wear All Black Everything

All black everything.

1. River Island Oversized Sweatshirt, £28.00

River Island / Via

“You should really wear more colour.” NO!

2. Asos Cat Makeup Bag With Glitter Ears, £10.00

ASOS / Via

Who says black can't be cute?

3. Black Is The New Black Phone Case, £11.92

goodvibecases / Via

Let's face it, nothing will ever be “the new black”.

4. Skinny Dip Black Take Out Bag, £32.00

Skinny Dip / Via skinnydiplondon

Proof that all-black doesn't mean boring.

5. Missguided Knuckle Duster Mug, £12.00

Missguided / Via

Because your mug should match your personality.

6. Asos Foldover Lunchbox , £14.00

ASOS / Via

Carry your lunch in style.

7. Illamasqua Colour Intense Lipstick In Pristine, £19.50

Selfridges / Via

Yes I wear black lipstick, no I am not a goth.

8. Asos Gym Log Book And Flask, 12.00

ASOS / Via

Neon gym gear is SO overrated.

9. Zara Pompom Hat, £9.99

Zara / Via

A black pom pom beanie is the only way to stay warm this winter.

10. Topshop Facet and Fabric Necklace, £18.50

Topshop / Via

Because you can still make a statement with black.

11. Etsy Wall Art, £4.76

Etsy / Via


12. Etsy T-shirt, £13.50

Etsy / Via

The mean girls got it wrong: We always wear black.

13. Etsy Canvas Makeup Bag, £8.00

Etsy / Via

The makeup bag that totally gets you.

14. Kate Spade Journal, £24.95

Liberty / Via

The stylish home for all thoughts, notes, and musings.

15. Etsy Wall Art, £4.45

Etsy / Via

In case you were wondering.

16. Pretty Sucks Gym Bag, £14.99

Pretty sucks / Via

Screw yellow, black is my happy colour.

17. Firebox Pack of 6 Blk Water, £14.99

Firebox / Via

Everything's better in black, even water.

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