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19 Jokes That Summarise What It's Like To Fancy Someone

"Is it possible to die from a crush? Asking for a friend."

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2. Please!

priest: let us offer each other the sign of peace crush: peace be with you me: pls be with me crush: priest: Father: Son: Holy Spirit:

4. This very serious question.

What anti-biotics do u take when you've caught feelings


5. So many possibilities!

Having a crush on someone is so exciting. You know you'll end up ruining things like you always do, but how? The possibilities are endless.

6. Subtle, right?

7. When you can't stay mad at your crush.

Me: I'm never messaging him again Him: Hi Me: How are you? How's your mum, dad, your brother? How's work? What of Aunty Bukky is she well?


9. But for real?

is it possible to die from a crush? asking for a friend

10. Betrayal!

When you see your crush cheating on you with their boyfriend/girlfriend 😒

11. When your crush compliments you.

Her: ima tell you something but don't let it to go to your head Me: nah what is it Her: I like your haircut Me:


ME, TEXTING MY CRUSH: have any plans tonight? HER: no not yet!! i'm totally free and available ME: ok well have a good night whatever u do


13. Act natural.

when your crush walk into the party and you're already drunk

14. When you're always ready to entertain your crush.

me: i'm done entertaining his ass him: hey me:

15. When no one else matters.

When you see everyone but your crush 😂😂😂

16. Such a beautiful sight.