9 Things You Should Know If You Wear A Bra

    Let's break it down for you.

    Bras... These bad boys are pretty much a necessity for a lot of us.

    And with so many different options out there, it's kinda hard to know which bra is best for you.

    So we spoke to three bra experts for the lowdown on every type of bra you need and why.

    1. The T-shirt bra

    Get the black full-back bra here.

    Get the white lace bra here.

    2. The balconette bra

    The floral bra is available here.

    Get the black lace bra here.

    3. The full-cup bra

    Get the white full-cup bra here.

    Get the mint bra here.

    4. The half-cup bra

    Get the lace-up satin bra here.

    The embroidered bra is available here.

    5. The plunge bra

    Get the black plunge bra here.

    Get the nude bra here.

    6. The strapless bra

    Get the cream bra here.

    Get the brown bra here.

    7. The sports bra

    Get the white sports bra here.

    Get the blue bra here.

    8. The bralette

    Get the black lace bralette here.

    The blue lace one is available here.

    9. The mastectomy bra

    Get the full-cup mastectomy bra here.

    Get the pink lace bra here.