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    11 Expensive Beauty Products That Are Actually Worth The Money

    Real luxury shit!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Philosophy The Microdelivery Resurfacing Peel, £59.50

    philosophy / Via

    Before getting this product the thought of an at-home acid exfoliator scared the shit out of me. But honestly this is so good. It's the first time I've noticed immediate results from a skincare product. After the first use, my skin felt smoother, and after a few weeks, my skin looked smoother and clearer. It has a warming sensation which, if you are not prepared for it, can feel a little weird. But it really did transform my skin.

    2. Trish McEvoy Blackberry & Vanilla Musk Body Sponge, £37

    Trish Mcevoy / Via

    £37 for a sponge is a little bit crazy – OK, really crazy – but this isn't a bog-standard sponge. It's one infused with blackberry, vanilla, vitamin E, and shea butter. When it gets wet it lathers up and you get a luxurious, exfoliating body wash. It also smells amazing, and your shower will feel like a luxurious pampering experience.

    3. By Terry Tea to Tan Face and Body, £55

    Chanel / Via

    For £55 a bottle you would expect a natural-looking, streak-free tan, and that's pretty much what you would get with this, according to this detailed review. You can use it alone or with your body lotion. It does have a glittery sheen to it, so if you're not into that you should give this a miss.

    4. Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Scrub, £37

    Laura Mercier / Via

    A premium body scrub, for when you're feeling real fancy and indulgent. It exfoliates without being harsh on the skin, and it smells so delicious. I got this as a birthday gift and I've been buying it for myself ever since. It's just so lush, the scrub is really thick and creamy. It's a real treat to use.

    5. Amanda Lacey Cleansing Pomade, £75

    Amanda Lacey / Via

    The Amanda Lacey cleanser is a real cult classic (the cult of people with lots of money). It's a gentle cleanser that melts into the skin and removes your makeup, every trace of it, including waterproof makeup. It feels detoxing and healing at the same time. It is very expensive for the amount of product you get – so maybe don't use it on the daily – but it's great as part of at-home facial. Caroline Hirons says it's one of her "favourite products of all time". So it must be good!

    6. Eve Lom Cleanser, £85

    Eve Lom / Via

    On first inspection this literally looks like a fancy tub of Vaseline, but of course it's so much better than that. It's packed with ingredients that are meant to deep-cleanse your skin and regulate your natural oil balance, which helps to manage spots. It's a hot cloth cleanser and yes it's expensive, but a little goes a long way. The pot I had lasted about four months. Check out a few reviews of the product here.

    7. Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, £77

    fresh / Via

    This is a mask for whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up. It's a hydrating treatment that immediately gives you softer, firmer, healthier-looking skin, according to these glowing reviews.

    8. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette, £56

    Huda Beauty / Via

    If you follow any beauty blogger on Instagram you will, without a doubt, have heard about Huda Beauty products. And this eyeshadow palette is the cream of the crop. The pigmentation is amazing and the shadows blend beautifully. Honestly, it's an absolutely gorgeous product.

    FYI, the shadows work best when applied with your fingers. Check out this first impressions and demo video here.

    9. Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, £39.95

    Dr. Brandt / Via

    This exfoliator is made specifically to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, while also gently removing dead skin, oil, and dirt. The product is meant to be for all skin types but many reviews have said it's best for people with oily skin. Have a look at this review if you need convincing.

    10. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, £39

    Oribe / Via

    Possibly the fanciest dry shampoo ever. Remee used the product and here's her review.

    "This is literally the most glorious product I have ever used. It’s so bloody classy, it’s literally class in a can. Before, my hair was slightly flat, but after just a few sprays it looked like I’d been styled for a photo shoot — I felt so goddamn glamorous."

    11. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, £92

    SK-II / Via

    Just to be clear, it's £92 for a pack of 10 sheets, which is still really expensive, but it's worth it if you take skincare very seriously. It's an intensive mask for deep hydration. It revives and relaxes the skin, leaving it radiant and soft. The reviews are so good.