10 Reasons To Spend Your Summer Watching Korean TV Online

No money for travel and don’t want to leave the house because it’s a zillion degrees outside? Crank up the AC and discover the world of Korean tv dramas online. They’re romantic, crazy, funny and completely addictive.

1. There’s a remake of the 1980’s comedy Big… but in this one the Tom Hanks’ character is completely jacked!

2. I definitely don’t remember this scene from the movie…

3. Bromances on Korean shows can go way beyond the best buddies you see on American TV.

Real bros help each other at all times, even toilet time…

4. On this one they just straight up sleep together, and it’s completely adorable/hot!

5. That’s a show called Bachelor’s Vegetable Store. You’ll get used to watching shows with crazy names.

Here’s another one about a vampire detective tracking down a serial killer (who’s maybe also a vampire?), called of course Vampire Prosecutor…

6. Time travel happens ALL THE TIME.

There’s actually a LOT of time travel shenanigans in Korean shows, like these not-at-all-bad-looking guys who think an elevator is a bathroom…

7. Korean TV transcends genres!

There are all kinds of absurdly awesome action sequences, usually mixed up with romance, comedy, and maybe some kind of supernatural horror at the same time. What if ‘Speed’ took place on a treadmill?

8. You learn a lot about relations between North and South Korea!

Here, peace is totally restored with a marriage proposal between the leaders of both countries… actually, has anyone tried this with Kim Jung Un?

9. There’s no bitchiness like Kdrama bitchiness.

10. Gorgeous men, especially Lee Min Ho!

Of all the hot guys on Korean dramas (and there are at least 2-3 in each one), Lee Min Ho’s the king. Basically, no lady has a chance when he’s around.

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