• 1. I swear never to forget

    To never forget what, I’m not sure.

  • 2. To love “Viking” men

    Uhh, ok.

  • 3. To love everything with rose color

    I can get behind that one

  • 4. To keep my hair blond, my skirt short, my legs long, and my eyes blue - like radical fighting weapon of the association

    Wait, what? Radical fighting weapon? Blonde Hair - blue eyes?!?! Is this the international association of blondes or the Hitler youth party

  • 5. To don’t strain my mind, so my hair won’t get black

    I must have missed where the association was made here, my fault - don’t read enough about health and science I guess.

  • 6. To don’t forget my skills from high school and the university

    Whoo! Keep the education alive, now that’s admirable.

  • 7. To love eating apples and drinking fruit juice

    Ok, so no coffee then?

  • 8. To learn the schedule from the blondes calendar

    Synch my outlook, got it.

  • 9. To don’t forget at least once per day to go shopping and visit my favortie malls

    Uh, is that on the calendar?

  • 10. To don’t decline men with business card “president”

    Now that’s a little stereotypical isn’t it?

  • 11. To wear my sunglasses on my forehead, so I don’t feel darkness and fear

    Hmm, but wont that leave weird tan lines on my forehead?

  • 12. I swear never forget

    You know, for being on the list twice, I’d really like to know what I’m supposed to remember.

  • 13. To tell a lie at least once per day - in the name of the rose color and goodness

    Now what in the name of rose color am I telling lies for?!

  • 14. To read the holy book of blondes - “Eva” magazine and “Shop”

    That seems doable, if not slightly suspicious.

  • 15. To don’t forget for my favorite laser in “legrano” hospital

    A laser? Why are we talking about weapons again?