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    This Is How Cats See The World

    Have you ever wonder how cats see the world? Nickolay Lamm and a team of animal vision experts did!

    Cats and humans have very different perspectives on the world, both literally and figuratively.

    Artist Nickolay Lamm put together some visualizations to illustrate how cats see the world.

    Sit back and enjoy!

    For each photo, the top view is what humans see and the bottom view shows the cat's perspective.

    Cats have a slightly broader visual field.

    Cats can see 6 to 8 times better in dim light than humans.

    While human vision is perfectly adapted for seeing sharply 100 feet away, cats can barely distinguish fine details past 20 feet.

    Human retinas have many more cones than cats, which gives us vibrant and detailed day vision.

    But cats have many more rods than humans, which enhances their ability to see in the dark.

    This is why they have those terrifying glowing eyes when you take photos with flash.

    Some research suggests that cats can see blue and yellow colors, but not red, orange or brown, which is why all the images look a little washed out.

    This means that cats see in Instagram vision!

    Pretty cool, huh?