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    28 Geeky Pokémon Items On Etsy

    If you wanna be the very best, like no one ever was, you better check these items!

    1. Original starter hand painted shot glasses.

    2. Pokéball bra with jewels.

    3. Eevee hand-made leather wallet.

    4. Pokémon theme song lyrics iPhone case.

    5. Crochet Magikarp hat.

    6. Charmander large custom pipe.

    7. Adorable Pokémon hair bow.

    8. Lapras inspired scoodie.

    9. Pokémon fleece carrying case.

    10. "Future gym leader" bib.

    11. Hipster Pikachu poster.

    12. Snorlax strapless dress.

    13. Pokéball 8-bit acrylic ring.

    14. Official 90's Charizard tee.

    15. Men shirt made out of recycled Pokémon sheets.

    16. Pokémon 2-part Etch a Sketch art.

    17. Snorlax full size bean bag chair.

    18. Pikachu and Pokéball crochet dolls.

    19. Pokémon strappy cage bustier.

    20. Ash Ketchum gloves and hat.

    21. Team Rocket cosplay costume.

    22. Pokémon wayfarer-style sunglasses.

    23. Charmander rave kandi mask.

    24. Pokémon "super sexy" undies.

    25. Pokémon g-string thong for women.

    26. Pokémon Blue and Red box art canvas shoes.

    27. Ditto plush dolls.

    28. Pokéball steel flask.

    Thank you Etsy users for your endless imagination!