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    25 Little Things That Will Ruin Your Day

    We don't know why they happen. All we know is that we would do anything to avoid them.

    1. Stepping in water while wearing socks.

    2. The first and last slice of a loaf of bread.

    3. Elevator music.

    4. Man buns.

    5. People that camp outside of stores.

    6. Waiters singing happy birthday.

    7. Remote controls covered in plastic.

    8. People that tuck cigarettes behind their ears.

    9. People that clap at the end of a movie...

    10. And people that clap after the plane landed.

    11. Celebrities that give their kids ridiculous names.

    12. Twins dressed alike.

    13. Getting poked on Facebook.

    14. Red lipstick on cigarette butts.

    15. Keep calm and (insert phrase) posts.

    16. Restaurant menus with pictures of food.

    17. Sunglasses used as hairbands.

    18. Old ladies wearing animal print.

    19. Guys wearing cell phones on their belts.

    20. When the elastic from your underwear droops.

    21. Prices that end in .99 cents.

    22. Photos with the date stamp.

    23. Mondays.

    24. People that twerk in public.

    25. And anything related to Miley Cyrus...

    What other little things ruin your day?