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24 Animals Who Went Out For A Ride

They will seize any opportunity to steal your car and hit the road!

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1. This dog chilling while enjoying the landscape.

2. This horse still wondering how it was ever possible to fit in that car.

3. This donkey who needs a ride home from the airport.

4. This dog who's daydreaming while looking at the clouds in the sky.

5. These two who know they will get in trouble for DUI.

6. This monkey who knows he's late to work but gives zero fucks about it.

7. This pug judging you for not knowing how to drive as well as him.

8. This dog who's ready to pull a great stunt.

9. This cat who's glad to be driving this vintage beetle.

10. These camels who are utterly confused by that hill that looks like mama's hump.

11. These posh spaniels who got their own private limo and driver.

12. This guy who can't stand the traffic no more.

13. These shar pei triplets who cannot be more adorable.

14. These newlywed bunnies who are too excited about going on their honeymoon together.

15. This chow chow driving one of his many collectible Mercedes Benz.

16. This German shepherd taking out his date in the sidecar like a champ.

17. This sloth who knows her way around town and doesn't need to look at the road.

18. This guy who's too scared to drive while it's raining.

19. This tiny buddy who's heading to the hair dresser.

20. This dog who's auditioning for the next Fast & Furious sequel.

21. This elephant who's planning to escape from the circus as soon as she gets a chance.

22. This dog's first time feeling fresh wind under his tongue.

23. This buddy who can't get ahold of his cheeks.

24. And this pug enjoying the best view ever.

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