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    Oct 11, 2013

    22 Real Life Pokémon Creatures

    Some of them have been spotted IRL in Africa and South America in the past few years. Just kiddin'!

    1. Cubone

    2. Rapidash

    3. Golbat

    4. Vulpix

    5. Bulbasaur

    6. Charmander

    7. Squirtle

    8. Arbok

    9. Machamp

    10. Mew

    11. Tangela

    12. Geodude

    13. Arcanine

    14. Metapod

    15. Beedrill

    16. Parasect

    17. Marill

    18. Dragonair

    19. Shaymin

    20. Snubbull

    21. Yanma

    22. Pikachu

    I'm off to get some Pokéballs!

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