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    18 Signs You've Dealt With Despicable Brokers

    Because finding the right place to rent is already tedious enough to bear with these individuals!

    Finding a decent place to live is tough.

    Do you remember what it was like to deal with a rental broker / leasing agent?

    A lot of them are very upstanding people...

    But some are not.

    Here are a few signs that you've dealt with loathsome brokers.

    1. They never remembered your name.

    Let's face it: you're just a number for them.

    2. They couldn't recall what you were looking for.

    3. They were rude.

    4. They didn't treat you professionally.

    5. They pointed out that they would only work with beautiful people.

    6. They exaggerated, misrepresented and misinformed you when describing properties.

    7. Question: Where is this place located? Answer: The landlord prohibits me from giving the exact address.

    8. Question: What size bed can I fit in the bedroom? Answer: You have to just see it yourself.

    9. Question: What is the bathroom like? Answer: What are you looking for?

    10. They didn't show up to your appointment.

    11. They showed you an awesome place that had already been rented.

    12. They even listed properties that never existed in the first place.

    13. They rushed you into making the decision right on the spot...

    14. Because there were lots of people coming to see the place willing to take it instead.

    15. They played you the "bait and switch" trick.

    When a "no fee" apartment suddenly becomes a "fee" apartment because the landlord changed his mind about paying the fee for you.

    16. Whatever you didn't get in writing was gone with the wind.

    Though this could happen to anyone.

    17. Did I say they lied to you a couple times?

    18. And the worst part is that you had to pay for their lousy service.

    Broker fees in New York range from one month rent to 15% of a year's rent.

    Don't feel bad... we've been in that situation before.

    But seriously... what's wrong with these people?

    Feel free to share your own experience!

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