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W A N D E R L U S T : M Y S T O R Y

How I knew I'd spend the rest of my life traveling and trying new things.

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When I was 15, I went to Spain. I was supposed to have a Quinceañera- a ball to celebrate my coming of age as a young lady. But I didn't want a ball because I knew I wasn't a princess. I convinced my extremely cautious mom to let me go on a study abroad program instead. I broke tradition (I seem to always do). Vegetarian, attempting to recover from years of depression and constant doctor visits, and incredibly asocial, I packed my bags. To this day, that was the only time I've ever packed for a trip without being the slightest bit concerned about what was in my bag. Before red lipstick, cat-eye eyeliner, and designer watches, I was a tomboy who didn't know the meaning of fashion or true identity. Despite my reserved demeanor, I did know one thing-

I wanted to travel.

As incapable of having a conversation with someone as I was, I had this dream of traveling. I was certain that through various travels to various lands, I would find my people. That month in Spain changed my life. I remember every detail and people's faces as if it was yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I went with an amazing group of kids my age with whom I never became close with because of my demeanor, so I didn't change, but I did transform. After I got back to New York with a tan and memories of pushing myself to my limit (hiking from one side of the Pyrenees to another), I understood what I wanted out of life. At this time, I was already painting and fantasizing about someday illustrating the album reviews section of Rolling Stone magazine, but that was what I did.

Wanderlust was who I was becoming and who I am now.

Ever since, I have made it my mission to travel as much as possible, even when circumstances made it difficult. As a broke college student, I managed to go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Vancouver, and Germany by dedicating every penny I made from my crappy retail job and with a little help from my friends (exactly what The Beatles taught me). After graduating, I made my way to Paris. I could have gone to more parties, bought more things, and maybe gotten a pedicure or two, but instead, I felt getting out of town was my priority. Prone to indecisiveness and admittedly one of the most impatient people I know, I am whole-hearted in my travels. Someone once told me: "constant travel is for the rich" and I cannot tell you how untrue that is. Because your time and money is really dedicated to whatever you want it to be, so if you rather save $25,000 for a car than on living in another city, that's what you should do.

Everything is relative in this world, but if you ever seek me out for guidance, be prepared. You’re listening to a woman who denied herself weekly brunches out of dedication to one goal: saving $10,000 to move to a completely different city, with no job or anyone available to help. Did I mention I was a graphic designer and illustrator? Talk about big dreams!

I’ve been told that my wild exursions could be lonely if I ever were to go without a friend or boyfriend. It depends. All I know is that the most interesting and whole-hearted people I know, I’ve met on my random trips, in the most unusual of places. Take that,

Of course, I’m referring to friends, not lovers. Nevertheless, I feel more at home anywhere I lay my head than in my actual home. I suppose my biggest fear is being static. Most people need security or promise to make a change, but all I ever need is an open road.

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