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The LifeCycle Of My iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped my Iphone in the toilet. Like your seasonal quarter-life crises, I analyzed my steps leading towards the pending doom and what I could have done to avoid it, but it was pointless. The fact is, as much as we hippies talk about how we despise superficial and overpriced technology, admit it: your Iphone is like a puppy- It requires a lot of care and attention, looks super cute, and essentially makes your life easier. So, I did what any girl would do (any girl without Apple insurance, that is). I took the necessary steps to lead it onto the path of resurrection.

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Letting It Sit In A Bowl Of Rice For 48 Hours

Illustration by Tayra Lucero / Via

You've reached rock bottom. So, why not try out myths for repairing your Iphone? Rice can do a lot of things. Rice can save it. Rice is like Tyrion Lannister on GOT! Rice cares!

OR you're like I was: desperate. But honestly, it can work if you do it in time and leave it alone for a couple of days.

Waiting For It To Turn On

Illustration by Tayra Lucero / Via

You acted quickly and hope for the best. As you remove the Iphone from the bowl of rice and quietly wait for it to turn on AKA resurrect, a million thoughts go through your head:

"What if this doesn't work?" "What if it's gone forever." "I'm so dumb." "Oh no, no more Instagram. I'll have to get a BASIC phone." "And what if the basic phone doesn't even have Snake? SNAKE IS THE ONLY GOOD THING ABOUT IT."

But lucky for you, the Apple symbol appears in all it's glory and you remember what true love feels like again.

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