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Con Ed Thinks I'm Stupid

Why is ConEd so ridiculous? And why don't I just move to France? Here's my newest quarter life crisis:

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"I'm sorry, but meter readings only take place in your building once every two months."

That's what the ConEd representative told me over the phone after 20 minutes of thoroughly analyzing my insane monthly bill. You see, I'm a bargain hunter, shameless coupon user, and unofficial defender of the working class. But, I'm also a native New Yorker so I understand how expensive living here is. It all started months prior to that phone call.

The problem the time of this bill, I was busy. I wasn't home most of the time and when I was, I was very careful about not leaving the lights on and even making sure I unplugged all devices before I leaving. I was one of those. So, naturally, I was confused how my bill ended up so high. I understood when my meter reading date was and I made sure to take a photo of my gas meter and email it to ConEd at the appropriate time. The problem was the electricity meter was available in the building and not in my personal apartment, so for that, I had to rely on ConEd. Terrifying realization, I know.

They assured me that my building was perfectly accessible and that I just needed to make sure to send my monthly pictures of my gas meter in my apartment. So, I did. But once my bill came in the mail. I was surprised. I was only charged for gas on the bill, so once I got my next month's bill, the amount was insane, which brings me back to that phone call.

"I'm sorry, but meter readings only take place in your building once every two months." Those words still haunt me. Is that legal? That's like me getting a paycheck of $400 one week, then two months later, getting an email saying: "Sorry, you actually owe us $300 right now or expect to pay a late fee." What the hell! Does that mean that I'll never really know how much my ConEd bill should be and will end up paying whatever they want me to whenever they want me to regardless of how much electricity I consumed? For the rest of my days? What? The whole thing made me hate New York for a minute. Whenever I researched alternative electricity providers in NYC, I was led right back to Con Ed. There is no one else out there, so we, New Yorkers, are forced to endure the bulls***. Excuse my French. France, omg why don't I just move to France?! Oh, that's right, I can't because ConEd took all of my money.

The whole thing had me wondering if ConEd ever even thought of the possibility that I would be flabbergasted by their insane procedures. Is that so hard to believe? Is it shocking that I wouldn't be okay with paying for what I never used?

I guess what I'm trying to say is...
Are you okay with it?
Does anyone else have a problem with it?

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