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6 Signs You've Been Living In The Hood For Too Long

It's time to get realer than DMX crying when talking about his mom. Comment below if you have anything to add to the list!

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1. You're not surprised when you see a grown man wearing a crisp white T-shirt, gold chain, and (of course) socks with sandals (AKA chancletas)

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

We've all seen it. Whether you've seen this species at the supermarket or coming out of his car, we almost aren't shocked by it anymore.

2. You get angry if you go anywhere that doesn't have a 24/hr bodega.

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

"I hate Boston." These were my exact words when I couldn't find a 24/hr store during my recent getaway. Boston was beautiful, but somehow my roots would not allow me to be okay with a place that goes to bed the same time most of its residents do. I enjoyed all of Boston's charm and intellect, however, I still became frustrated.

3. You get even angrier if said bodega does not have Arizonas

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

I know we all enjoy spoiling ourselves with $4 lattes and frappachinos, but please don't deny your rare desire for an Arizona. Sure, you may have wanted bubble tea instead, but with that $1 you have in your wallet, who's the only one who will be there for you?

That's right-Arizona.

4. You spend 15 minutes after you park just packing up anything valuable

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

You're already late for your friend's birthday party and you took forever finding parking. Most people would grab his/her personal belongings and go, but not you.

You scan the car for anything someone might break your window for: your car radio, fancy chapstick (that $3 though), and maybe even the half-eaten bag of cheetos. Either way, you're not risking it.

5. Everyone on the unemployment line has an expensive watch or nails freshly done

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

I don't think I even have to explain this one. You know it's bad when one has been unemployed for months, yet has fresh new fake nails.


6. You never want to be wearing your Michael Kors bag when negotiating prices

Illustration by Tayra Lucero

Admit it, you don't want to get your iPhone fixed wearing heels and nice jeans. You'd rather have your hair looking crazy in the hopes that the technician feels bad for you and doubts you even have $40.

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