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5 Biggest Struggles Of People With Thick, Curly Hair

Just don't make it angry and maybe it'll be good...

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2. Brushing It Seems Impossible

Tayra Lucero

We've all had those moments. Your hair is tangled and you're afraid something might be growing in there. You're feeling a little daring (or desperate), so you attempt to brush it, only to find it get stuck and forever lost in your very own Narnia.

3. Then, It Starts Raining Hair

Tayra Lucero

There's a pile of hair on the floor and you wonder how you have any left on your head. Get rid of the brush-it's making you wonder if you have a hormone imbalance that may have caused this hair loss.

Some middle aged man somewhere could use it to make a superb toupée! But then again, he'd have to brush it sometime...

The struggle is so real.

4. Conditioner Makes Everything Better

Tayra Lucero

Think of Holga and her shrine to Arnold. That's you and the cabinet in your bathroom completely dedicated to conditioner. You know no other way to live and fear even imagining a world that denies you of the ever so soft lather for your mane.

I'm with you. No one-I mean nothing can compare. Damn those who try to deny you it! That guy at CVS tried to tell you it was sold out. What kind of a demon person would joke like that?!

5. You Go Through Scrunchies Like It's Your Job

Tayra Lucero

Even after all that conditioner, you can't prevent the inevitable. Sometimes, you just want some space and kind of don't enjoy your hair taking over your face. Of course, you attempt to tie up your hair with a scrunchie.

"Strong grip," it says. Yeah, well, your hair has that too. Each and every one breaks usually after making the "second round," or the journey around the Red Sea that is your hair. It makes you mad and also afraid that your hair will come for you next.

But, it's okay. Your hair is like your Macbook, it's beautiful, special, and loves you-you just have to treat it right.

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