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Ranking The Contestants Of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2

Cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model had some of the biggest personalities of all of the seasons. Who was your favorite, and how did she rank on this list?

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11. Anna Bradford

ANTM/Sascha Pflaeging / Via

No one really remembers Anna Bradford because she was kicked off during the first episode for refusing to do the body painting photo shoot. However, her test photos are actually far better than some of the other girls' of the cycle. Bummer!

10. Bethany Harrison

ANTM / Nigel Barker / Via

Although Bethany Harrison channelled her best Thing 1 and 2, she was not on the show long enough to make a lasting impression with viewers.

9. Jenascia Chakos

ANTM / Richard Dean / Via

Hooters waitress Jenascia Chakos was the shortest model of the cycle, and she was eliminated because neither her average modeling or her quiet personality made up for her height.

8. Xiomara Frans

ANTM / Andrew Eccles / Via

Xiomara started off strong and had a very unique look, but she was eliminated because she failed at an underwater photo shoot. Because really, all professional models are expected to take beautiful, elegant pictures underwater with their eyes open, right?

7. Sara Racey

ANTM/Che Graham / Via

Throughout ANTM history, it's a fact that if you're "too sexy" you're going to go home, and Sara unfortunately was a victim of this fate. Although she killed it in Tyra's music video, she was sent home over the awkward Yoanna because the judges felt she was more "pin up" than fashion.

6. Camille McDonald

ANTM/Massimo Costoli / Via

Camille McDonald had a fierce walk which she defended to a faux "client" like she was already Naomi Campbell. When she returned to ANTM: All-Stars, she seemed to lack confidence and couldn't manage to take a fierce picture, obliterating the legendary diva image that she had once created.

5. April Wilkner

ANTM/George Holz / Via

April Wilkner came in fourth place, despite the fact that she was frequently accused of over thinking her modeling and being robotic. Although she took a few great photographs, she is best remembered for getting Nigel Barker hot and bothered during a judging session just by looking at him.

4. Catie Anderson

ANTM / Bill Heuberger / Via

Catie Anderson was unfairly sent home for this beautiful black and white photo because the judges felt she was not emotionally ready for the modeling industry. Post-ANTM, she changed her name to Caiten Anderson and continues to model.

3. Yoanna House

ANTM/Massimo Costoli / Via

Cycle 2 winner Yoanna House had a great backstory, and one of the most symmetrical faces the world has ever seen. However, she was frequently criticized for her "back fat," which endeared her to viewers and made the judges look like complete assholes. After ANTM, she landed a cosmetics campaign and worked as a reality TV host.

2. Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

ANTM/Nigel Barker / Via

Runner-up Mercedes was often criticized by the judges for being "too commercial," but she was also told her bubbly personality was a strength. Therefore it is safe to conclude that she left the show with a headache from all the mixed messages. Furthermore, many thought Mercedes was robbed of the ANTM title. After all, during the final runway showdown between her and Yoanna, Mercedes clearly owned it, despite the fact that she posed way too many times when she reached the end of the runway. Fierce!

1. Shandi Sullivan

ANTM/Massimo Costoli / Via

Shandi Sullivan was the ultimate caterpillar who bloomed into a butterfly, a sexy butterfly that cheated on her boyfriend in Italy. The combination of her past criminal record, her sexual prowess, extreme makeover, and amazing modeling skills makes Shandi the true winner of Cycle 2.

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