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9 Asian Beauty Secrets You Probably Haven't Heard Of But Need To Try

Asian products such as blotting papers, BB creams, and CC creams have gone mainstream in the US. Will these products and services be next?

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When many Americans think of perms, they think of fried '80s hair or grandma-like afros. However, digital perms are different. After the hair is wrapped around rollers, it is placed underneath a special tentacle-looking machine that heats up the hair, creating loose, pretty waves. You can typically find digital perms offered at Korean or Japanese hair salons.

2. Criss Cross False Eyelashes


Many of the false eyelashes sold in American mainstream stores have lashes that are glued straight onto the strip. Asian false eyelash strips are slightly different because they are created with a criss cross method. These falsies look more natural than their straight application counterparts.

3. Sekkisei Whitening System


Skin whitening products are popular in the Asian culture, and Sekkisei is one of the most powerful lighteners on the market. For anyone with dull skin tone, acne scars, or facial discoloration, these products work miracles.

4. Chinese Dieter's Tea


There are different brands of Chinese dieter's tea, but no matter what brand, you can usually tell it's a dieter's tea if it's a green box with a slim lady on it. These teas are used as a weight loss supplement, but because many varieties have natural laxatives in them, consumers should read the label and only use the tea sparingly.

5. Koji Eyetalk Double Eyelid Glue with Applicator

Some Asians use glue or tape to create a double eyelid, which gives their eyes a larger appearance. Koji Eyetalk is one of the most popular brands of glue, and it's a temporary way to change one's look for a day.

6. Circle Contact Lenses


To create a doll or anime-like eye, many Asians use circle contact lenses, which create an appearance of an enlarged pupil. In the US, these cosmetic contact lenses require a prescription from a medical professional.

7. Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening


The secret to shiny, smooth, super straight Asian hair isn't genetics. The secret is Liscio Japanese Hair Straightening. This thermal-chemical procedure lasts for six to twelve months, and it leaves hair soft and runway ready.

8. Tissue Masks

Tissue masks are sold individually and are already soaking with the treatment. They are a quick way to get the benefits of a facial without as much mess or without using too much of your time. Some mainstream American stores are starting to sell them but at a higher price than what you'd find online or at an Asian beauty store.

Everyone knows the secret to nice skin is exfoliation, and if you want your entire body to be as smooth as a baby's, then you have to get a Korean body scrub. If there isn't a spa nearby, you can purchase these spa mitts cheaply off of the internet, and you'd be amazed/disgusted at all of the dead skin you'll see sloughed off when you use them.

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