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    16 Shocking Celebrity Stories From Karrine Steffan's "Confessions Of A Video Vixen"

    Does anyone remember the 2006 scandalous book by notorious video vixen, Karrine Steffan a.k.a Superhead? In case you forgot, "Confessions of a Video Vixen" was a take no prisoners tell-all about Steffan's hip hop sexcapades.

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    In 2006, Karinne Steffans released her autobiography, which was a cautionary tale about how she was an abused and neglected youth who succumbed to the glamour of the hip hop world and lost herself in the process. The book became a New York Times bestseller, and it created a considerable amount of controversy because she documented in detail the sexual trysts she had with various rappers, actors, and athletes.

    1. Kool G Rap was an abusive husband.


    Steffans worked at a strip club when she was 17, but she got the position by lying so that people thought she was 21. She met old school rapper Kool G Rap when she was 17 and he was 27. They married soon after (even though it was not legal because she was a minor), and Steffans claimed that he wanted her to call him "Daddy." She later described in vivid detail how he physically abused and cheated on her, and a year after the birth of their son, Steffans left him.

    2. Steffans called Method Man "Papa."

    In the book, Steffans described fondly a lover she referred to as Papa. Although she was explicit about their trysts, she did not out Papa until years later where she revealed that Papa was rapper, Method Man.

    3. Ice T had a "pimp room."

    About rapper Ice-T, Steffans writes, "We spent a lot of time at his office in Hollywood, where he had a "pimp room." The office was on the top floor of the building and it overlooked the city. The pimp room had oversize red velvet curtains and black leather sofas. There were a few accessories that stood out--a giant "pimptionary," a dictionary of pimp terminology, and a video camera set upon a tripod. In this room we watched porn and made a few flicks of our own." Steffans also wrote that Ice T would give her money when she needed it, and he set her up in an apartment. However, after he got the Law and Order: SVU gig, he cut her off and told her that she was ready to be on her own.

    4. Eighteen-year-old Ray J shied away from oral sex but loved watching Big Momma's House.

    Steffans described how she became then 18-year-old Ray J's girlfriend, and she described how his lovemaking made her feel young again. "He was young and still a bit inexperienced, and shied away from oral sex, but he would kiss all around my lower regions and make my body quiver just the same." She stated she felt free around him, and they enjoyed being silly together. "We saw our favorite movies, like Big Momma's House…three or four times and enjoyed them each time as if it were the first time." However, Steffans knew that their young love wouldn't last once Ray J learned of her reputation and lifestyle so she broke up with him.

    5. The nickname "Superhead" started off as a sweet pet name from Ja Rule.

    Steffans wrote that she and Ja Rule used to party together, take XTC, and have threesomes despite the fact that he was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart. Steffans also shared that after the first sexcapade she had with him in Los Angeles, she recited lines to him from a Jadakiss song: "Got a chick named Super-head/She give super head." Soon Superhead became the nickname for Steffans that she and Ja Rule shared. Little did she know that their pet name would soon spread throughout the hip hop community.

    6. Fred Durst liked to waste food at PF Changs.


    Fred Durst and Steffans had their first date at PF Changs in the Beverly Center Mall, and Steffans described Durst's personality as "laid-back" and "introverted." Steffans felt that she was young and inexperienced around him, so she mostly watched what he did. She ordered one dish, and he ordered five entrees for himself. She watched as he took "tiny forkfuls from each dish…Then just that fast, he was done, leaving the majority of the food behind." While most people would be all WTF you just wasted a shit ton of food, Steffans said that she was "in awe" and that "in [her] inexperienced mind, it was the height of glamour."

    7. Steffans fellated Fred Durst in his studio.

    After Steffans and Durst's first date, he was elusive with her, but finally, they got together. He invited her to his office, and she gave him fellatio. She noted that she "looked at his pierced penis with a sick admiration." During the act, he said, "Make me cum and I'll marry you," but of course, when the act was over, she was dismissed. She describes that she felt "awkward and plain awful" and that it was a wake-up call that she had been seduced by his fame.

    8. Steffans slept with Dr. Dre at the Universal City Hilton.

    Steffans admitted that she was not physically attracted to Dr. Dre nor did their personalities mesh. She further admitted that she only liked him because of his power so she slept with him in Room 2257 of the Universal City Hilton. She described how she felt nothing during the encounter until she thought about his resume and status. "It was another example of my doing without thinking, for all the wrong reasons," Steffans said.

    9. Steffans fellated Jay-Z in a limosine.

    Jay-Z and Steffans met on the set of a music video, and he invited her to go on a ride in his chauffeured Mercedes S55. They drove through Malibu before parking the car before this happened: "After a few moments of silence, Jay pulled out his penis, covered it with a condom, and placed his hand on the back of my head. I was being a good girl, thanking him and proving my worthiness of the kindness he had shown." After that instance, they remained acquaintances but nothing had ever happened between them since.

    10. Vin Diesal has a "sizable" penis.

    Steffans stated that she began her relationship with Vin Diesel while they were filming the movie A Man Apart. She wrote, "Here was this beautiful man with an amazing body, blessed with an enviable eight-pack and an even more enviable sizable penis. His body was perfect, and the way he made love was slow and sensual and thoughtful." She stated that his personality was "straight-laced" and "fun," and that he represented a life that was very different from the wild one she was living. Things cooled between them when he did The Fast and The Furious and XXX and his career took off.

    11. Shaq sweated a lot during sex.

    At the start of Steffans relationship with Shaq, the basketball player was very upfront with the terms. ""I won't be able to come see you a lot, so I'll just write you checks to keep you happy,"" he said." Steffans continued by stating that: "He was charmingly self-effacing about his sexual prowess and wanted to reduce my expectations…I laughed, thinking it was a joke." She later went on to say that "Although one might have "bigger" expectations, for a man who stands over seven feet tall….he was nothing to complain about." Although she did write that he sweated so much during sex that she once had to turn over the mattress so that she would have a dry place to sleep.

    12. DMX whimpered when he orgasmed.

    In November of 2002, Steffans consummated her relationship with DMX, who was married. She wrote, "During sex, he would growl, scratch and bite like a dog, and then whimper at orgasm." The two of them had an explosive relationship that lasted for years.

    13. Irv Gotti coerced Steffans to do a sexual act in order to remain on set of Ja Rule's "Between Me and You," and he later acted like her pimp.

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    Steffans was on the set of Ja Rule's music video "Between Me and You" when she was escorted off by Irv Gotti because there was a rumor that she was trying to have him and Ja Rule robbed. Steffans pleaded with Gotti to let her back onto the set, and she stated that her pleading aroused him and he said, "If you really mean what you say, then show me." From that day on, Steffans said she replaced another video girl Keisha as Irv Gotti's lover, and Steffans said that while with Gotti, she was "paid to be the bad girl," which meant being passed around between Gotti's friends and acquaintances.

    14. According to Steffans, Diddy's lovemaking was "average."

    In 2001, Irv Gotti took Steffans to a party, where she met P.Diddy. Diddy asked Gotti if it was cool if he and Steffans hooked up, and Gotti made arrangements for her to go to his home. Diddy and Steffans proceeded to have sex, and she rated the experience as "average." Later that year, Steffans dated Xzibit and they attended one of Diddy's parties in Miami. A drugged out Diddy got nervous when he saw her, and he took Xzibit aside and confided not to trust Steffans because, "She'll have you on video with fingers in your booty." Diddy then took the two of them to a gay nightclub.

    15. Steffans began a relationship with Bobby Brown when he was married to Whitney Houston.

    In October of 2002, Irv Gotti "introduced" Steffans to Bobby Brown in the same way he introduced her to P.Diddy. Steffans said she never witnessed Brown doing drugs, but that he acted in an erratic fashion. The two of them were affectionate publicly despite the fact that he was married to Whitney Houston. Steffans revealed that he later admitted to using drugs. The two of them had a relationship until April of 2003.

    16. Usher was cocky and condescending.

    Steffans and Usher had a relationship when they were both 21, but he fell in love with TLC's Chilli and the two of them lost touch. Steffans and Usher reconnected in 2004, five years later, but Steffans stated that Usher was cocky, condescending, and loved playing emotional games. He even spitefully offered her to his brother, James. "I saw you guys flirting, so why don't you just give him what your were going to give me," Usher allegedly said in the book. Steffans stated that she had had enough when she discovered that he was sleeping with another woman.