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    16 Shocking Celebrity Stories From Karrine Steffan's "Confessions Of A Video Vixen"

    Does anyone remember the 2006 scandalous book by notorious video vixen, Karrine Steffan a.k.a Superhead? In case you forgot, "Confessions of a Video Vixen" was a take no prisoners tell-all about Steffan's hip hop sexcapades.

    1. Kool G Rap was an abusive husband.

    2. Steffans called Method Man "Papa."

    3. Ice T had a "pimp room."

    4. Eighteen-year-old Ray J shied away from oral sex but loved watching Big Momma's House.

    5. The nickname "Superhead" started off as a sweet pet name from Ja Rule.

    6. Fred Durst liked to waste food at PF Changs.

    7. Steffans fellated Fred Durst in his studio.

    8. Steffans slept with Dr. Dre at the Universal City Hilton.

    9. Steffans fellated Jay-Z in a limosine.

    10. Vin Diesal has a "sizable" penis.

    11. Shaq sweated a lot during sex.

    12. DMX whimpered when he orgasmed.

    13. Irv Gotti coerced Steffans to do a sexual act in order to remain on set of Ja Rule's "Between Me and You," and he later acted like her pimp.

    14. According to Steffans, Diddy's lovemaking was "average."

    15. Steffans began a relationship with Bobby Brown when he was married to Whitney Houston.

    16. Usher was cocky and condescending.