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    12 Reasons You Hate Working In Corporate America

    You're more than a cog in the machine.

    1. The only colors found in your closet are black, white, or gray.

    2. You more than likely work in one of these.

    3. Coffee is your best friend, but the free coffee in the break room is gross.

    4. You learned a long time ago how to appear "busy" when you're really just surfing Facebook.

    But then your world ends when your company blocks social media sites from all the computers.

    5. Your morning breakfast is always a bagel, overpriced fruit, or a breakfast burrito from the deli in the building.

    6. And your lunch is equally boring. Just a frozen Lean Cuisine that still leaves you hungry afterwards.

    7. No matter whether or not you know the birthday boy/girl, you'll still eat the hideous cake at the office party.

    8. All you want is to be appreciated, but you get thrown under the bus on a daily basis.

    9. Whenever you have a bad day, stealing office supplies somehow makes you feel better about yourself.

    10. But strangely, leaving passive agressive notes is just as satisfying as stealing office supplies.

    11. You have found that what started off as one drink after work has become 10 drinks.

    12. If you're a woman, you're probably making less than all of your male coworkers.

    But no matter how bad it gets, you take solace in the fact that one day you may finally get that corner office.

    Or at least the recognition you deserve.

    Or maybe you'll escape the Corporate Matrix all together.

    So until then, keep your head held high and keep earning those paychecks.