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    15 Times "Pen15" Absolutely Nailed The Millennial Middle School Experience

    I wish I could still chat with my friends on AIM after school.

    If you haven't seen Pen15 yet, you are truly missing out. The series follows best friends, Anna and Maya, through their middle school experience in the most authentically awkward way possible. Here are 15 times the show transported us back to our middle school years:

    1. When Maya wanted to reveal a whole new look on the first day of 7th grade.

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    Maya was ready to show off a new hairdo inspired by Sarah Michelle Gellar, but ended up with a bowl cut instead. I know we all remember wanting to be hot shit on the first day of middle school but not fully succeeding.

    2. When Anna and Maya were introduced to smoking and alcohol for the first time.

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    Oh to be back in our youths where we could have good old fashion, sober fun.

    3. When Anna and Maya discover the power of the thong.

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    Remember when your mom finally let you upgrade your granny panties to a thong? It really felt like the beginning of womanhood.

    4. The entire episode about AIM.

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    AIM is where middle school romances are born. Kids these days will never know the excitement of adding your crush on AIM and messaging them all night long.

    5. When they did a "sexy" photoshoot on Anna's Dad's digital camera.

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    Middle schoolers nowadays have it so easy with their cameras built right into their phones and apps like Snapchat where you can send a filtered pic to your crush immediately. Back in the old days, you had to ask to borrow the digital camera from your parents AND upload the photo to your computer. Plus your filters were pretty limited to black & white and sepia.

    6. When the girls went all out for their school project dressed like the Spice Girls.

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    Group video projects were truly the best. You got to spend hours with your friends thinking you made a masterpiece only to look back and cringe.

    7. When Maya got her period for the first time.

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    The true horror of your first period. They might teach you about it in health class but nothing can prepare you for the first time, especially when it comes to tampons.

    8. Any time they practiced kissing.

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    I mean, practice makes perfect, right?

    9. Maya discovering masturbation.

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    Everyone was either a Maya or Anna when it comes to masturbation, there's no in between.

    10. The entire episode about the school dance.

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    I miss dressing up in my cutest clothes from Limited Too, taking pictures with my friends, and standing awkwardly in the school gym listening to "Low" by Flo Rida. Those were the days.

    11. Maya thinking she fell in love.

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    Middle school love is like no other. You can truly believe you are in love with someone who you barely talk to and every time they acknowledge you is affirmation they love you back.

    12. When Anna showed us a true middle school relationship.

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    Remember when relationships meant texting for hours and then ignoring each other at school? Simpler times.

    13. When they decided it was time to shave/wax.

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    I miss the times when no one cared about body hair and we were just minding our own business.

    14. The time Maya and Anna were convinced they had magical powers.

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    Honestly, I still think I have magical powers.

    15. And finally, every beautiful Anna and Maya's friendship moment.

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    Because no one could survive middle school without their best friend.