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    15 Times "Pen15" Absolutely Nailed The Millennial Middle School Experience

    I wish I could still chat with my friends on AIM after school.

    If you haven't seen Pen15 yet, you are truly missing out. The series follows best friends, Anna and Maya, through their middle school experience in the most authentically awkward way possible. Here are 15 times the show transported us back to our middle school years:

    1. When Maya wanted to reveal a whole new look on the first day of 7th grade.

    2. When Anna and Maya were introduced to smoking and alcohol for the first time.

    3. When Anna and Maya discover the power of the thong.

    4. The entire episode about AIM.

    5. When they did a "sexy" photoshoot on Anna's Dad's digital camera.

    6. When the girls went all out for their school project dressed like the Spice Girls.

    7. When Maya got her period for the first time.

    8. Any time they practiced kissing.

    9. Maya discovering masturbation.

    10. The entire episode about the school dance.

    11. Maya thinking she fell in love.

    12. When Anna showed us a true middle school relationship.

    13. When they decided it was time to shave/wax.

    14. The time Maya and Anna were convinced they had magical powers.

    15. And finally, every beautiful Anna and Maya's friendship moment.