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19 Reasons Hermione And Katniss Are Total Frenemies

Can't live with her, can't live without her

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1. To start with, these two just have way too much in common

2. I mean, their approach may differ...

3. ...but that's about where it ends

4. Except for this bit

5. But you know Katniss was totally ready to take Draco out by the Sorting Hat, movie one

6. And Hermione was all like

7. But then pulled one of these two movies later

8. It didn't help that Hermione was 1000% convinced the only way to take down You-Know-Who was through the library

9. Which, of course, made Katniss impatient

10. And that drove Hermione absolutely crazy

11. The who-can-wow-better-at-the-Yule-Ball got WAY out of hand between these women

12. Am I right?

13. I mean, really

14. The competition is just absurd

15. And totally bratty


16. But let's be real

17. The world needed saving

18. And there was no way

19. The men were going to do it

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