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13 Signs Your Apathy Is Out Of Control

Not that you care.

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1. Don't have friends. Don't care.

Via and Recreation

2. Home on a Friday night? Meh.

3. And then there are those people who want to talk about legitimate world problems...

4. Or their feelings.

5. I mean you've accepted YOUR fate. And you really couldn't care less.

6. There was that fleeting moment when you tried to stop not caring.

7. Did I mention it was fleeting?

8. You've made new friends that, you know, just really get you.

9. While you're old ones take every opportunity to remind everyone how ambitious you used to be.


10. People blame you for society's problems. Don't care.

11. Deep down you know they're just jealous of your new lifestyle.

12. Ya. It's kinda like that.

13. And, in the end, it's not like you don't care about ANYthing. Just the small things. Like, really small things.

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