25 Ways To Know You Went To Baylor

So you’re stuck in the No Man’s Land between Dallas and Austin?

1. The only time you use profanity is when someone tries to cut at Dr. Pepper Hour

2. You ran with the Baylor Line after your freshman year. You rebel you.

3. You sat on these swings hoping your future spouse would sit next to you and you would talk until the sun came up

4. You can never find the way to class but you could find the Ghetto HEB at 2AM from any point on the globe

5. You have seen more artist’s rendering of the new stadium than you have of every dead president since kindergarten

6. You can finally argue the superiority of Baylor with facts instead of phrases like “you have to go there to understand”

7. You await KOT’s SING performance with an anticipation usually reserved for royal babies and Comic Con announcements

8. You have better relationships with these cashiers than with most your high school friends

9. When Harvard says it was founded before the U.S., you can say Baylor was founded before Texas. Because Texas>U.S. you win the argument

10. You have made fun of the hammock kids in Emo Park while secretly thinking they are geniuses that are doing college right

11. All of your friends were jealous when you got assigned Collins for Move-In Crew

12. You would pay twice your annual tuition to have the honor of being dunked on by Brittney Griner

13. You have tried fruitlessly to show friends and family that the bears have been taught to Sic ‘Em. They still don’t believe you.

14. You partook in the most pointless Baylor “tradition” by throwing perfectly good tortillas off a bridge

15. You partook in the most wonderful Baylor tradition, the oldest Homecoming in the nation (according to the Smithsonian)


16. The name Freshman Follies does a terrible job in relaying the regret you will have following it

17. You broke into The Factory and have never been more terrified in your entire life.

18. You kept losing track of friends at Christmas on 5th but would always meet back at the tree

19. You went to this for Diadeloso Freshman Year because you didn’t know any better.

20. Then you discovered the terrifying, anarchic mayhem that is Dia Del 10th St.

21. You developed a strong love for beards, longboards and mis-matched furniture at Common Grounds

about:blank / Via blogger.com

22. You have a picture on your Facebook just like this

23. Chapel was more conducive to REM sleep than your home ever was

24. While protecting the flame, you hated the upper classmen for their rogue tactics while simultaneously planning how you to be more ruthless next year

RIP Baylor Tradition

25. You refer to RGIII as Robert, Robbie, Griff or any other name so when people ask you can tell them about the time you saw him on campus once.

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