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    5 Online Travel Contests You Might Actually Have A Chance At Winning

    Get out there and sign up for some contests that are worth a shot at.

    You've seen it before, "Sign up here to win a trip." But let's face it. Your chances of winning one of these trips are about the same as your chances of winning the lottery or marrying a prince: slim to none.

    But never fear. After scouring the internet, we found some online travel contests that are worth a look. Why? Because with these contests, you actually have a chance of winning.

    1. Stay & Play in Middleton, Wisconsin

    Each month, the city of Middleton is giving away an overnight stay and a gift certificate to dine or shop in Middleton. Entries are open now through December 31, 2013 with a giveaway taking place each month through January 2014. With four giveaways left to win, you have four chances to win. And if you're wondering "Where in the heck is Middleton, Wisconsin and why should I want to visit?"

    Find out here:

    2. Win Your Own Montana Mountain

    If you haven't heard by now, Montanans love winter. And rightly so. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, their peaks receive more than 300 inches of light powder annually and rumor has it there are virtually no lift lines. Apparently wanting to show off their goods, Glacier Country Tourism is giving away a chance to sky with Olympic gold and silver medalist Tommy Moe at Lost Trail Powder Mountain.

    Enter now through October 31, 2013 here:

    3. Super Bowl Sweepstakes: New York City

    Football is America's game. It has us glued to our televisions for weeks at a time, with our love for football on full display. And while watching football on TV is awesome, watching a game in person is even more awesome. This sweepstakes is giving one lucky winner two tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII, plus round-trip transportation to New York City on American Airlines and a three-night hotel stay in New York City. Entries are open now through December 15, 2013.

    Enter here:

    4. Alaska Land + Sea Journey

    Call us crazy, but Alaska seems like a place dreams are made of. A place that stands still in time, a place where the scenery is jaw-dropping and magical. Well, lucky for all of us sometimes dreams come true. Holland America is giving away a 10-day Alaska Land+Sea Journey. Entries are open now through April 30, 2014.

    Enter for your chance to cruise Alaska here:

    5. A Dream Vacation to Palm Springs, California

    We're just going to say it: Who wouldn't want to win a trip to Palm Springs? This giveaway includes round-trip, coach-class air transportation for two from a major airport near the winner's home to the Palm Springs International Airport; five days and four nights hotel accommodations, meal vouchers, activity passes for two. This giveaway is open through June 30, 2014, giving you plenty of time to enter and practice the art of relaxing.

    Sign up here:

    Good luck. And may the best man (or woman) win.

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