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Fifteen Farm Fresh Fall Cocktails

It's cocktail hour somewhere! This collection of cocktails features some of your favorite spirits with farm fresh ingredients.

TJAndersen 2 years ago

19 Frozen Desserts That Will Get You Drunk

It's frozen dessert season at last!

TJAndersen 3 years ago

14 Protein-Rich Vegetarian Recipes To Keep You Fit!

It is difficult, but not impossible for a fitness babe or dude to get plenty of protein from a vegetarian (or even vegan) diet... Here'a super healthy collection of recipes to help achieve your fitness goals and eat healthy, protein-rich meals!

TJAndersen 3 years ago

25 Insanely Delicious Tacos You Should Try Before You Die

Make it taco Tuesday every day of the week!

TJAndersen 3 years ago