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  • Happy Steak and BJ Day!

    Guys - We hope that you took real good care of your lady this valentine’s day because today is they day she makes it up to you.

  • Tampon Chandelier

    While we subscribe to the notion that anything can be art, it’s hard to imagine anywhere that the Tampon Chandelier doesn’t seem extremely out of place. View Image ›

  • Incredibly Bizarre Dresses

    Long before Lady Gaga hit the scene, weird and wacky dresses have been a great way to get noticed. Just ask Rose McGowan and Bjork. Showing up in stunning Valentino red will get you on some magazine’s best dressed list; showing up in Kermit the Frog couture gets you on the front page of said magazine. View Image ›

  • The Women of No Pants Subway Ride Day

    What’s the greatest thing about coming home from work after a long hard day at the office? That’s right, taking off your pants. Unfortunately, going pants-less in public – especially during your commute – is generally frowned upon. Unless of course you’re participating in the annual Improv Everywhere No Pants Subway Ride.

  • Lady Gaga Barbie

    Those standard puffy princess dresses and pink tank tops that Barbie normally comes with just aren’t interesting enough for fashion forward girls (okay and let’s be honest here, some boys too). So it’s really no surprise that artist Veik sought inspiration from fashion leaders like Lady Gaga for some funky new looks. All of Lady Gaga’s most outrageous outfits and hairstyles were recreated perfectly. Expect a lot more Barbie Gaga dolls since the artist says his favorite Gaga look is always her next one.

  • 10 Ways Kids Entertained Themselves 30 Years Ago

    Kids these days have no clue how lucky they are… with so many toys, video games, TV shows they don’t even have to leave their rooms to have fun. When we were kids we had Saturday morning cartoons, not 24/7 networks devoted to them, so the rest of the week we had to come up with our own entertainment….

  • Vulva - Scent of Vagina

    In what is sure to become the biggest WTF product moment since the Fleshlight (and the most creative use of a domain name yet), there is now Vulva. Somewhere, someone (odds are it was a guy) decided that sandalwood and strawberry just weren’t cutting it in the scents department, so they took it upon themselves to add vagina to the list…..continue reading Watch Video ›

  • Ridiculously Expensive Kids Toys

    Every parent wants the best for their child. For most, “the best” includes a safe environment, warm meals and a great education. For a privileged few it may also include some fancy gadgets and special, well-deserved gifts. These Ridiculously Expensive Kids Toys, take that idea to a whole new level - a well-known level called Spoiled. So as the holiday season approaches and kids start to make their wish lists, be sure to keep them far away from this one.

  • Anteater-Inspired Backpack

    The Pangolin Bag is made of recycled truck inner tubes that are held together by a wing nut. The layers overlap to create a bad-ass spiky retractable shell, which is why it’s named after a scaly anteater.

  • Kids Toys You Wish You Still Had

    Who knew in 1959 that Barbie would live to be 50 (and look better than ever) and be worth $7500? If they did maybe they would have left a few more of those $3 dolls in their box rather than dressing them up and cutting their hair. Check out the others…

  • Kids Toys Turned Amazing Cakes

    Turn on any food channel and you’ll find a show about outrageous cake designs. This makes it hard to present little ones with a plain old sheet cake. Let’s face it, Fudgey the Whale just won’t cut it today. These Kids Toys Cakes are bound to provide some inspiration for your child’s next birthday…or perhaps even your own.

  • Fly Banners

    What’s the real world equivalent to pop up banner ads? One company at a German trade show did their best to create some buzz by attaching tiny banner ads to flies. They certainly caught everyone’s attention every time they flew by or landed on someone Watch Video ›

  • Why Kids Hate Halloween

    We have to admit if we had to wear an embarrassing costume we’d probably hate Halloween too. Check out these terrible costumes and find out why some kids hate Halloween.

  • Incredibly Awesome Bandage Designs

    Next time you have to dress a wound why not dress it up? They say that laughter is the best medicine so why not cheer yourself up with a cool band-aid design the next time you get a cut or scrape? Besides, we can’t think of a better conversation starter than bacon bandages. Check out these incredible bandages designs that will help you cover up your pain with a smile.

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