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Guide To Having The Best 4/20 Ever

It's crucial to celebrate this hallowed day the right way. Here's how.

Look at this. This is NOT an animated gif. Whoa:

Think about snacks:

Appropriate amount of bacon to lettuce/tomato in a BLT.

Apple caramel nachos

Put a cookie on a cupcake? OKAY.

Give your cat some catnip:

Get into a lively and stimulating intellectual debate:


Do This to a Dollar Bill

Tee hee doesn't it feel fun stickin' it to the man? Think about it... what if we lived in a world where we didn't have to use this stupid paper currency and people could just like, get along and share and stuff? Makes you think, dude.

Help out your friend and let her use your head to roll a joint:

Remember to be courteous and polite:

And if anyone gives you any hassle, just tell them:

Think about Outer Space. It's just OUT THERE, you know?

DON'T get paranoid!

WHEW. Get your mind off that by watching some cartoons:

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