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    21 Ways To Hide Your Booze And Drugs

    Sneaky, sneaky.

    1. The "Beer Belly" holds beer under your shirt:

    2. Cellphone flask with nerdy belt holster:

    3. Purse with wine compartment (although this isn't too sneaky):

    4. "Wine Rack" pouch for a full bottle of wine in your bra:

    5. Empty liquor pouches you can hide in your pockets:

    6. Binocular flask for when birdwatching gets dull:

    7. Books with hidden flasks (Bob Woodward, apparently):

    8. D Battery stashbox. For my "Advil":

    9. Shaving cream secret stash container (sure, we're just hiding dollar bills in there):

    10. Soda and Beer can stash boxes:

    11. Bongs that look like liqour bottles (not recommended if you're still in high school):

    12. Bowling pin bong

    13. "What's this in my pocket, officer? Oh, I was just on my way to assemble an Ikea bookshelf":

    14. Lipstick pipe:

    15. Replica of the coke spoon cross necklace from <i>Cruel Intentions</i>

    16. Stash ring

    17. Bread loaf booze:

    18. Red wine can be snuck in a grape juice bottle:

    19. There's always Lindsey's classic rumored vodka water bottle trick:

    20. Or just steal someone else's booze:

    21. Lastly, there's always the no-judgement zone at the Gathering of the Juggalos: